Bunny Hop Seeds

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Fat Frog Tomato Seeds

Fat Frog Micro Dwarf Tomato

Fat Frog is a micro dwarf, growing to 20-30cm in height. It is a unique variety with green fruits and okra-green-brown flesh. The large cherry tomatoes have a flavor that resembles grapes. Creation of Bunny Hop Seeds. USA. Determinate. 50-60D. 10seeds/pack
Inkspot Micro Dwarf Tomato

Inkspot Micro Dwarf Tomato

Inkspot is a micro dwarf variety around 30cm high. Regular-sized, round cherry tomatoes around 15grams each. Beautifully, bi-colored fruits in dark-red-orange with purple-black neck. Excellent sweet-tangy tomato flavor. Cross between Pinocchio Orange and Clackamas Blueberry. Creation of Bunny Hop Seeds. Determinate. 65D. 5seeds/pack
Lil’Peeps Tomato Seeds

Lil’Peeps Micro Dwarf Tomato

Lil’Peeps is a micro dwarf, growing up to 30cm in height. Produces beautiful, heart-shaped golden-yellow tomatoes with a pointed tip. Exceptionally large fruits for a micro dwarf. The tangy-sweet flavor resembles of green grape. Cross between Floragold Basket x (Orange Pixie x Orange Strawberry). Bunny Hop Seeds, USA. Determinate. 55-60D. 10seeds/pack