1. I have tried contacting you several times, but I do not get any response?!

Please check your spam folder if you can't find our response. (Please, only use the contact form on this site while contacting us. Do not contact us through Facebook, Instagram, etc.)


2. Are your seeds ecological?

All our seeds are grown according to ecological principles. We do not sell any GMO seeds. Read more.


3. How much is the shipping cost?

We ship with A-Post only, since B-Post takes some days longer. Packing and regular shipping with A-post is 4€.

When your order exceeds 50€ we include free regular shipping. 

When your order exceeds 75€ we include free traceable shipping within Europe. You will receive your tracking number in your email after we sent your parcel. If you for some reason DO NOT want traceable shipping, please send us an email regarding this as you place your order, and we will send your parcel with regular shipping.


4. Why can't I choose traceable shipping? I'm afraid my package will get lost.

Within the EU it is very uncommon for envelopes to be lost in the mail, but it can of course happen. It can happen with both regular and traceable mail. Traceable shipping is more expensive than regular shipping, and traceable shipping also requires a lot more administration work for us. The only advantage of traceable shipping is that if a parcel is lost, we can claim compensation from the postal service. That is why we send larger orders with traceable shipping. Within the EU, if a parcel is lost in the mail, regardless of tracking or no tracking, we will send you a new one without any cost.

Do NOT worry friend, you will NOT be seedless!


5. How long time does it take before I receive my order?

We will send your order at the latest 5 business days after receiving your order. Delivery time within Europe is normally 7-21 days. Please observe that after Covid-19 delivery time is quite irregular.  Read more.


6. What are your payment options?

We accept payment through PayPal and all major credit/debit cards. Read More.


7. Do I have to register as a customer?

You do not have to register as a customer. You can also complete your order with the "fast checkout" without registering. Although, when you register as a customer you can save your addresses and access all your orders. With a registered account you can also save your reward points for your next purchase. 


8. How do the Reward Points work?

When you complete an order in our shop you will get a certain amount of reward points. For every 10€ spent you will receive 1 reward point. This is calculated automatically and the reward points will be stored in your registered account. At your next purchase in our shop, you can use your reward points. 1 reward point is equal to 1€. The reward points are valid for 180 days.


9. How do the Gift Seed Packs work?

For every 25€ spent in our shop, we will add a free gift seed pack. The free gift seed packs are the choice of MerakiSeeds and can not be chosen by the customer.


10. How can I search for varieties on the site?

If you want to filter and search among all the varieties of tomatoes, you click the overall category containing all the varieties of tomatoes. Then check the boxes in the filtering function accordingly to what you are looking for. You can filter among Plant Type, Fruit Type, Colour, Development Time, and Other Characteristics. This will help you find the variety you are looking for!


11. What does 75D mean, in the description of the tomatoes?

This is the estimated development time for each variety, letting you know if a variety is early, mid-season or late-season. Read more.