Shipping & Returns

Please read all the shipping terms and general conditions of use carefully. When ordering on this site you agree to these terms and conditions. 




Make sure that you enter the correct address, house or apartment number, postal code, and other important information on where and how your order should be delivered. If you don't enter the correct address with your order, we will put that incorrect address on your envelope and your order will not be delivered to you. In this case, we can not be held responsible. Normally, envelopes with the wrong address are returned to us. In this case, we can send your order to you again, for an additional shipping cost. If your order, with the incorrect address, is lost completely and not returned to us for some reason, we can not be held responsible, we can not refund your order or send you a new order for free. If you notice that you entered incorrect customer information, contact us as soon as possible!

We do not ship to Greece. You can not enter, for example, Cyprus as the country of destination when you place and pay your order and then email me asking to change the country to Greece. This does NOT work.

We do not ship to Norway. You can not enter, for example, Denmark as the country of destination when you place and pay your order and then email me asking to change the country to Norway. This does NOT work.



We ship with the Greek Post, ELTA:

We ship with A-Post only, since B-Post takes some days longer. Packing and regular shipping with A-post is 4€.

When your order exceeds 50€ we include free regular shipping

When your order exceeds 75€ we include free traceable shipping within the EU. You will receive your tracking number in your email after we sent your parcel. If you for some reason DO NOT want traceable shipping, please send us an email regarding this as you place your order, and we will send your parcel with regular shipping. We might also send a specific parcel as trackable for any other reason we might find appropriate.

Please keep track of your parcel if the Postal Service fails to advise of your delivery. If you would fail to collect your parcel we can not be held responsible. Parcels sent with trackable shipping normally take a few days longer with the Postal Service. You can track your parcel using the Greek Posts tracking service: 

We aim to pack and send your order within 3 business days after we receive your order. During high season or for other reasons, there might be a slight delay, of up to 5 business days. When we shipped your order you will receive a confirmation in your email.

After we shipped your order the delivery time is normally about 14-21 days within Europe. In some cases over 4-5 weeks have been noticed. In a few extreme cases, the package took 7 weeks to arrive. 



Slow delivery is a hassle, we know! But unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to speed up the Postal Service. If you didn’t receive your package within 4 weeks after we sent it, please contact us and we will see to the problem! Please also observe that close to Christmas and New Year delivery time will be longer than normal, since many people are sending Christmas Cards and Christmas Gifts. Also around Easter and other holidays, the delivery time of your shipment might be longer.

It is very uncommon that envelopes are lost in the mail, but it can of course happen. It can happen with both regular and traceable mail. Traceable shipping is more expensive than regular shipping, and traceable shipping also requires a lot more administration work for us. The only advantage of traceable shipping is that if a parcel is lost, we can claim compensation from the postal service. That is why we send larger orders with traceable shipping. Within the EU, if a parcel is lost in the mail, regardless of tracking or no tracking, we will send you a new one without any cost.

Do NOT worry friend, you will NOT be seedless!



Parcels to South Europe tend to arrive in about 1-2 weeks.

Parcels to Mid Europe tend to arrive in just about 1-3 weeks.

Parcels to North Europe tend to arrive in about 2-3 weeks and a few days. 

Far North in Europe and Scandinavia parcels tend to arrive in about 3 weeks and some days.

Also depending on your local Postal Service and how often they deliver it can take a few days longer. 

These are the normal delivery times. But also one week longer than this is not uncommon. Especially during holidays.



When you place an order at our site you should get a confirmation about this in your email. When you pay your order you should get another confirmation about this. (If you are not sure that your payment went through you can easily check this with your bank.) And when we ship your order you should get another confirmation about this. However, sometimes the confirmation emails are lost in some mysterious way, on their way to you, or they end up in your spam mail. 

If you didn't receive your confirmation emails you can still easily calculate when your order was sent, and then when you will most likely receive it. We ship orders every Tuesday and Friday. Deviations may occur, depending on holidays or otherwise. If we for some reason can't ship on a Tuesday/Friday, we will ship the next possible business day. So, for example, if you place your order on a Saturday, it will be sent to you the following Tuesday. Orders placed late in the evening the day before our regular shipping days might not make it to that day of shipping, especially during high season. Then your order will be sent to you on our next regular day of shipping.

Now you know on what day your order most likely was shipped. Then you can check the shipping examples above. Let's say you live in Germany, that's about Mid Europe. So if you are lucky, you could have your order as soon as one week after we sent it. But 3 weeks delivery time is also normal to Mid Europe. We don't work at the Postal Service, so we can't say why there are big differences in delivery time. We just know that this is the way it is. 



When we have shipped your order it will also be marked as "Delivered" in our system. If you have an account on our site the order status there will also be "Delivered". Sometimes we get emails from stressed-out customers telling us "But I haven't received my order yet, why is it marked as delivered?!". It is delivered to the Postal Service, not to you - the customer. Our work is done with your order and we have delivered it to the Postal Service - for them to deliver it to you. It would of course be impossible for us to know when the order is delivered to you since we only send orders over 75€ within the EU with tracking.

When we have completed and shipped an order we have to mark it as "Delivered and Completed" in our system, to separate it from orders still in process. And yes, this could of course be phrased in a better way on our site, but that is how this system works with the platform we are using. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

So calm down! Dont stress! Your order is on its way and you will most likely receive it soon! It is very uncommon that orders are lost completely. 



In the very unlikely event that you want to return your seeds, you must send the unopened parcel with traceable post and send us the tracking number. When we have received the parcel we will refund your purchase. Shipping costs of the original order will not be refunded. You have the right to return the parcel within 14 days of receiving it. 



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