Our Purpose

The Seed Catalog of Meraki Seeds is the result of about 10 years of hobby gardening, seed collecting, seed gathering and experimentation on a small scale in our garden.

Our goal is to gather information and material about as many varieties as possible. To each variety follows a description and pictures of the variety. The main purpose is to preserve the diversity of varieties. And spreading this diversity to anyone who wants to experiment in their own garden, in their own conditions. This is to strengthen the sustainability and security, no matter where you live.

The conditions vary a lot from place to place. Our seed philosophy is that there are varieties that can be grown in most places in the world. From the coldest places to places with perfect tomato conditions and dry areas. We want people to be able to find good varieties for their own farming conditions. Early varieties, hardy varieties, drought hardy varieties. Varieties for growing indoors, in your greenhouse, or if you are lucky enough to be farming in a "perfect" area, then you will have a huge assortment to choose from!

Our seeds are not intended for professional farming. Our seeds are only sold as collector’s items or for ornamental purposes. Any fruits grown from our seeds are not intended for consumption, only for ornamental purposes. Any information considering taste or possible use of the variety is purely for information. On occasion, we ourselves do eat the fruits from our own seeds for test purposes, although this cannot be recommended.