Mini Dwarf & Bush

Mini Bush & Dwarfs are perfect in size to grow in pots but also direct in the garden. The average height ranges from 30cm to 50cm, around 60cm for the highest varieties. No pruning of the suckers is needed. Normally no staking or support is needed. If planted in a smaller container the plant will grow to a smaller size. If planted in a large container the plant normally grows larger. Also, the size of the fruits can get larger in a larger container. If the plant would grow too large, prune it to fit the space. If you have the room, just let it grow and expand! Read more about different types of tomatoes.

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Yellow Brick Road Dwarf Tomato

Yellow Brick Road Dwarf Tomato

Yellow Brick Road produces beautiful mini-beefsteaks in golden-yellow with pale-yellow stripes. Excellent, well-balanced fruity and sweet tomato flavor. Dwarf plants that reach around 40-50cm in height, great to grow in large pots. Semi-determinate. Regular leaf. Bred by Karen Olivier, Northern Gardener, of Canada in her “Short and Sweet” project. In The Theme ‘The Wizard of Oz’ the siblings of Yellow Brick Road are Emerald City and Ruby Slippers. Another variety in the “Short and Sweet Project" is Sweet Baby Jade. Around 70-75D. 5seeds/pack