Low Growing Tomatoes

Here you will find low-growing tomatoes from 20cm high to about 120cm high. Both determinate and indeterminate varieties. Read more about different kinds of tomatoes.

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Yellow Canary Tomato Seeds

Yellow Canary Micro Dwarf Tomato

Yellow Canary is a micro dwarf growing up to about 20-30cm in height. Produces golden-yellow cherry tomatoes, around 10-15 grams each. Juicy sweet and mild flavor. A member of the 'Little Birdy Series': Red Robin, Rosy Finch, and Yellow Canary. Rugose regular leaf. Determinate. 60D. 10seeds/pack
Yukon Quest Dwarf Tomato Project

Yukon Quest Dwarf Tomato

Yukon Quest, 'Yukon Quest Tomato' is a dwarf variety growing up to 90cm in height. Produces slightly flattened, mid-sized tomatoes around 80-170grams each. Smooth, pink fruits with a pleasant, well-balanced sweet flavor. Rugose, dark green foliage, regular leaf. Determinate dwarf tree-type. Selected from "the Grumpy family", a cross between 'Budai Torpe' and 'Black from Tula' by Patrina Nuske Small in 2006, Australia. A selection grown by Richard Allen in Australia was sent to Susan Bailey in Alaska, who discovered and named 'Yukon Quest'. Introduced in 2011. OSSI. 70D. 10seeds/pack.
Zimmertomate Blau Micro Dwarf Tomato

Zimmertomate Blau Micro Dwarf Tomato

Zimmertomate Blau, "Blue Room Tomato", is a micro dwarf growing up to about 20-40cm in height. Produces beautiful cherry tomatoes, around 20-25 grams each. Ripens from green-blue-antho-black to dark-red-antho. Juicy sweet and fruity flavor. Determinate. 65D. 10seeds/pack
Zoe’s Sweet Dwarf Tomato Project

Zoe’s Sweet Dwarf Tomato

Zoe’s Sweet, 'Dwarf Zoe’s Sweet Tomato' is a dwarf variety growing up to 100-150cm in height. Produces slightly flattened, mid-sized to large beefsteak tomatoes around 150-400grams each. Smooth, dark pink fruits with a pleasant, juicy and sweet flavor. Very meaty fruits after one of the "parents", 'Pale Leaf Mullens Mortgage Lifter'. Rugose foliage, potato leaf. Zoe’s Sweet has lime-green, chartreuse foliage, and due to the chartreuse-gene, the variety has higher growth than other dwarfs. Selected from "the Morty Family" by Craig LeHoullier and named after his black labrador. Introduced in 2021. OSSI. 85D. 10seeds/pack.
Zolotoy Potok Tomato Seeds

Zolotoy Potok Bush Tomato

Zolotoy Potok, "Golden Stream", is a compact bush variety growing up to 50-70cm in height. Produces elongated, bright yellow paste-type tomatoes around 50-70 grams each. Very firm fruits with few seeds. Sweet tomato flavor, not too juicy. Paste-type tomatoes contain less water than "normal" tomatoes and are perfect for tomato sauce, puree, cooking, etc. The fruits are very firm and meaty and not so watery if cooked. Also does well in cooler weather. Determinate. 80D. 10seeds/pack
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