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Lucinda Tomato Seeds

Lucinda Bush Tomato

Lucinda is a bush variety growing up to around 100cm in height. Produces round mid-sized tomatoes around 80-150 grams each. Beautifully stiped in green-yellow with an amber glow as fully ripe. Sweet and slightly spicy flavor. Unique foliage with carrot-like wispy leaves. Semi-determinate. 70-75D. 10seeds/pack
Silvery Fir Tree Tomato Seeds

Silvery Fir Tree Bush Tomato

Silvery Fir Tree is a bush variety, growing up to 90cm in height. Slightly cascading growth, also does well in raised beds and hanging baskets. Unique silvery-colored carrot-like foliage. Produces oblate, medium-sized, red tomatoes around 50 grams each. Pleasant, slightly acid tomato flavor. Russian. Determinate. 60-65D. 10seeds/pack