Lokförare Bergfälts Jätteärt Snow Pea

Lokförare Bergfälts Jätteärt Snow Pea, classified as a grey pea. The plants grow to over 200cm in height, many times up to 300cm, and need support. Produces extremely large pods, around 3cm broad and 15cm long, sometimes up to 20cm long. Excellent, sweet flavor, meaty and crispy pods. Even large pods with more developed peas inside are still crispy and tender! Flowers with violet-red flowers. Nordic Genebank number: NGB 21724. Very rare variety. The name in Swedish means "Traindriver Mountainfields Giant Pea". The original seeds of this variety were found in the house of a Swedish train driver called Bergfält, from the city of Ludvika in Sweden. Traindriver Bergfält lived between 1890-1945. The seeds eventually ended up at a Swedish Seed Saver Organisation. Pisum sativum. 10seeds/pack
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Kulla Marrowfat Pea grows up to 200cm in height and needs support. Produces, straight, fat, mid-sized, green pods with large, sweet lime-green peas inside. Quite late. Nordic Genebank number: NGB17857. Pisum sativum. 10seeds/pack

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Normally peas grow to the height of about 150cm. But also very low growing varieties, only 20cm high, exist. Also, very high varieties, growing to more than 200cm can be found. The low varieties require minimal support, some can be grown without any support. Higher varieties will need a net, rod, etc. to grow on. 

How to Grow

Peas can be sown directly in the garden. Many varieties of peas can withstand a low soil temperature. Sow the peas about 3cm deep. If you sow in the summer or when it's warmer, sow a bit deeper because the seeds need moisture. Sow the seeds with a spacing of about 5-8cm. Do not let the plants dry out. Peas are easily affected by mildew. Peas can also be sown in pots, for later transplant. Do not sow too early, to avoid lanky and high plants. Peas grow fast.

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