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Anmore Dewdrop Tomato Seeds

Anmore Dewdrop Cascading Tomato

Anmore Dewdrop is a variety of tomato growing with cascading stems, small and compact plants. Compact clusters, with round, red cherry tomatoes, around 15 grams each. De-hybridized variety from Tumbler F1-hybrid. Stable since 2008. By Tatiana Kouchnareva. Canada. Determinate. 50D. 10seeds/pack
Bellstar Tomato Seeds

Bellstar Bush Tomato

Bellstar is a bush variety growing up to about 30-50cm in height. Produces large yields of bright red, round-plum-shaped fruits of the best quality. The fruits weigh around 80 grams each and are very meaty and firm. Paste-type tomatoes contain less water than "normal" tomatoes and are perfect for tomato sauce, puree, cooking, etc. The fruits are very firm and meaty and not so watery if cooked. Also good for fresh consumption due to the sweet and pleasant taste. Canada. Determinate. 65-70D. 10seeds/pack
Manitoba Tomato

Manitoba Bush Tomato

Manitoba is a bush variety growing to about 40-70cm in height and around 60cm in width. Produces medium-sized, red tomatoes up to 170 grams each. The fruits are round to oblate with a fresh tangy tomato flavor. Good resistance against Fusarium Wilt and Verticillium Wilt. Also does well in colder weather and shorter seasons. Developed in the mid-1950s by the Morden Experimental Farm in Morden, Manitoba, Canada. Determinate. 65D. 10seeds/pack
Scotia Tomato Seeds

Scotia Bush Tomato

Scotia is a compact bush variety, or dwarf, growing up to around 40-60cm in height. Produces round, bright red tomatoes up to 100 grams each. Juicy and tasty fruits. Does well also in cooler weather and shorter seasons. Developed by Dominion Experiment Farm, Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada. United States Department of Agriculture. Determinate. 60D. 10seeds/pack
Sub-Arctic Plenty Tomato Seeds

Sub Arctic Plenty Bush Tomato

Sub-Arctic Plenty is a bush variety, growing up to 70-100cm in height. Produces round, bright red tomatoes around 50 grams each. Pleasant, tart tomato flavor. Does well in cooler weather and shorter seasons. Developed by Dr. Harris, Beaverlodge Research Station, Alberta, Canada. Determinate. 50-60D. 10seeds/pack